About us


VRTime is Istanbul’s premiere virtual reality hub, where you can experience cutting-edge virtual reality entertainment, Play virtual reality games, and have virtual reality experiences. VRTime gives everyone the chance to experience the ultimate in gaming and immersion without the large setup costs and space requirements.
With Room-scale, players are able able to physically move within the space which helps to replicate real-world movement for the user and make the virtual environment seem more real.

Step Into Another Reality and lose your self inside of it.

Reality can be overrated, rising rent prices and all the day-to-day stress adds up – it’s no surprise that we want to escape sometimes. But while jetting off to a tropical island to swim with whales or strapping yourself into a rally car to unleash your tension in a crazy race might not be feasible, spending an hour or two at VRTime center is.

Turkeys’s first social virtual reality arcade awaits.

Housed at the hearts of the most active street in Istanbul, The Istiklal street in Taksim area, VRTime has all the social atmosphere of an old-school arcade, with cutting-edge gaming technology that immerses you and your friends in another dimension.